Brother Asaiah -
Martha Ellen Anderson's telling of the story of Homer, Alaska's Brother Asaiah

Brother Asaiah Homer Alaska's Avatar by Martha Ellen Anderson is one of the best Biography books on the market today.

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Homer Mayor Declares February 14, 2007 Brother Asaiah Bates Day.  Read the proclamation here.

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Coming soon: archives of Brother's letters to the Homer News and Homer Tribune, gallery of Brother Asaiah photos where you can upload your own photos and comments, and Brother Asaiah Web forum for sharing stories and building community.  "What would Brother Asaiah Do?" listing about Asaiah Bates

From the book:

He became our beloved Brother Asaiah
His consciousness propels our lives,
in directions we often know not where
but the path is not unknown.
He expressed his truth,
international, intercultural and universal,
in the last frontier on this earth,
in our little town at the end of the road,
Homer, Alaska, our
“Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea”...

From the Preface by former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond:

Toss into a blender 1 part eastern mystic,
2 parts Old Testament prophet,
3 parts wounded warrior,
4 parts aging flower child
and from the mix at least the essence of the man emerges...
~Jay Hammond, 1922-2005, Beloved Governor of Alaska, 1974-1982


During my eighty plus years, biographies have been my favorite, most enjoyable and often most useful reading.  Now, all the way from Alaska, I have been treated to one of the most enjoyable and inspiring biographies of my lifetime: “BROTHER ASAIAH”, by Martha Ellen Anderson.

With her warmly conversational style, Martha Ellen enables me to literally experience Asaiah’s daily life, his change from warrior to consistent kindness and universal service.

Most biographies focus on achievements in the material world.  But where do we really live?  As we think about our lives and relationships, we begin to see that our real living is “inside”, an expression of our deeply ingrained values, habits and conditioning.

Brother Asaiah laid his soul on the operating table for all to see.  As we observe his inner choices and changes, we also revisit our own life histories, and realize that our inner life also changes as our awareness grows, and our outer choices follow.

I recommend this absorbing, thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring biography to all students of human nature.

Anton Schmalz
Green Valley, Arizona

Schmalz is former president of the United Nations Association of Los Angeles.  He helped develop national and international strategies and policy statements for four U.S. Presidents. 


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